1. Development

  2. HOLOLALTAQA provide competitive and efficient solutions for solar projects, creating the best investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

    Investors, utilities or specialized funds count on our expertise to deploy structure and manage complex solar projects anywhere in the Middle East and Africa from start to finish.

    We know how to design and build reliable solar power installations for the most affordable investment with the least risk. During the feasibility stage, our team will provide projects tailor-made to your needs, assuring that the project is buildable and financeable.

  3. Engineering & Design

  4. HOLOLALTAQA has experience in designing systems from 1kW up to several MW. We provide multi options detailed commercial designs sets compatible to the codes (IEC, IEEE and grid code).

    With our experience we can assist you in choosing the best equipment for Balance of system as it is based on a number of site specifics including wind/dust or temperature, and general climate characteristics that direct the pairing of inverter/module roof/racking and specific incentive schemes to match the system size.

    We have successfully designed several commercial projects with different types for racking systems on roof and ground mounts with and without trackers. We are equipped to prepare the PV array layouts, mounting details, BOS Elevations shading analysis, Electrical 3 line and single line diagrams etc.

  5. Supply & Installation

  6. When embarking on any scale photovoltaic (PV) project, we select a best Martials over world and we consider every factor. How will your site accommodate the expected solar capacity? What Conditions of Approval or unique geographical requirements will we need to complete the solar project?

  7. Operation & Maintenance

  8. Why Solar Power Plants Operation And Maintenance Is Very Important?

    • Solar Project Maintenance Can Help Maximize Uptime And Extend The Life Of The Plant.
    • The Delivery Of Solar Power Without Any Disruption Maintains The Stream Of Economic Value Generated By Each Kilowatt Hour Of Production.
    • And Proper Service Is A Critical Component To Ensuring Optimal Performance While Minimizing The Risks Of Downtime.
    • A Well-Maintained Solar Installation Can Actually Perform 10 To 30% Better Than One That Is Not. But Installing Solar Arrays Are Just The Beginning. Without Proper Operation And Maintenance, System Components Could Be Void Of All Warranties.
    • Oversees Maintenance And The Ordering Of Spare Parts And Equipment, And Communicates With Landowners, The Local Electric Utility And State And Local Government Officials.
    • Oversee The Quality And Performance Of A Solar Project With Effective Maintenance.
    • Solar Our Maintenance Firm Should Perform. On Average, Regular Solar Array Cleaning Will Increase Annual Solar Energy Production By 5 To 10% In Climates With A Dry Season.
    • Check The Electrical Systems To Make Sure They Are Performing Properly — And Make Corrections If They Are Not.
    • Solar Inverter Preventative Maintenance: Checks and Corrections for Your Solar Inverters.

  9. More Services

    • Pre-Sales Support.
    • Initial design plan to optimize the system for cost, efficiency, and other project requirements.
    • Rough drawings for sales proposals.
    • Equipment recommendations.
    • Permit Packages.
    • We have expertise in providing you with the complete design packages for commercial installations.
    • Freestanding structures.
    • Extensive experience in designing the PV System on a free standing structure like Carports, Single Axis tracking, Dual axis tracking system and Ground mount racking.